Drug Rehab in Billerica

Massachusetts has its fair share of drug-related issues and Billerica, a town in Middlesex County is no different. Stories line the local papers almost daily with news of drug-related crime and deaths. It is understandable then that drug rehab in Billerica needs to be readily available.

Luckily there are some excellent support services in the area, providing much-needed help to those that need it most. Drug rehab has a very important place in a drug addict's recovery. As much as counseling and psychiatric services are of great importance, a place where an addict to go to detox is also vital. In this article, we will examine drug rehab in Billerica in greater detail.

What is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehabilitation is a place where an addicted person can go to gain support for both the psychological and physical compulsions that a person suffers which causes them to take a drug substance. There are drug rehabilitation options that are suitable for both inpatients and outpatients, and which option a person chose really boils down to the level of their addictions.

An inpatient program in Billerica is more suited towards a person with very heavy addiction; those that may be unable to conduct their daily business such as work and personal responsibility. Within the confines of an inpatient drug program, an addict is cared for around the clock, with regular monitoring. If they are going through the withdrawal process, they may even be able to access prescription medications to ease their suffering. Furthermore, they can have access to many of the psychological services, support groups and holistic treatment therapies.

On the other hand, outpatient treatment options for drug rehab are geared towards those with moderate addictions and people that are still able to attend work and other responsibilities.

When to Consider Rehab

If you know someone who is exhibiting worrying behavior that is affecting their daily life, it is time to intervene. Drug addicts will often try to hide their dependency problems but there are some classic tell-tale signs. Some symptoms of drug addiction and alcohol addiction in Billerica include the following:

  • Spaced out and confused demeanor
  • Secretive behavior
  • Shirking daily responsibilities
  • Change in personality-exhibiting out of character behavior
  • Mood swings
  • Increased sweating and sunken pallor
  • Weight loss
  • Diminished appearance and lack of self-grooming

These are just some of the many different symptoms that a drug addict can exhibit; they can vary depending on the substance that the addict is indulging in.

Entering a drug rehab in Billerica can be frightening. An addict will often be reluctant to seek help as they may be in denial that they have an issue and they may not be ready to quit their substance of choice. It is a good idea to get the support of family and friends before confronting your loved one about their addiction issues. An intervention may be necessary to coax the dependent person into getting the help they need.

If addiction is not tackled early on, there are serious potential life-threatening illnesses that face the patient. It can be hard to confront someone over their drug use, but losing them to it will be harder. We, as a community need to come together to fight against drug use in our towns, and support the people who need our help.

Drug abuse is an illness and needs to be treated as such. If you are seeking information about drug rehab in Billerica, contact us today. We are here to offer support to you and your family during this difficult time and will direct you to the services that can help. Call now (978) 516-2128.

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