Alcohol Rehabs in Billerica, MA

Withdrawing from alcohol is possibly one of the toughest withdrawals that an addicted person can face. On a less severe level, many people can relate to feeling moody, nauseous and generally under the weather after a massive weekend of consistent drinking. These emotional, physical and mental symptoms are withdrawal on a lesser level, so one can only imagine the pain of withdrawal for an alcoholic. Alcohol rehabs in Billerica can solve this issue with care and support.

Furthermore, alcohol withdrawal is incredibly dangerous, due to some of the awful side effects that pose a potentially fatal threat to the patient. It is imperative then to get medical assistance if embarking on an alcohol detox. This article examines alcohol withdrawal in Billerica and advises on side effects of withdrawal. It also examines why alcohol rehabs in Billerica are a necessary step in beating alcoholism.

Billerica, a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, has an active population of about 41,000 people. The state of Massachusetts has a higher problem with addiction amongst youths than anywhere else, and so in lies the importance of providing reliable support services for addicts in the area. Luckily, there are some fantastic facilities for alcoholics in Billerica, catering for all levels of addiction.

What Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Alcohol withdrawal is the abrupt cessation of consuming alcohol and the group of symptoms that come as part of the ceasing of the consumption. As stated it is incredibly dangerous to withdraw from alcohol without medical intervention and here are some of the reasons why.

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can include:

  • Hallucinations, disorientation, and anxiety
  • High blood pressure, sweating, fever, severe tremors
  • Seizures and irregular heartbeat

It is frightening but true that a person can die from alcohol withdrawal. People have been known to suffer fatal seizures, which have been a result of going cold turkey without a treatment plan or medicinal supplementation where required. Patients undertaking alcohol withdrawal in Billerica are urged to enter alcohol rehabs in Billerica or a detox facility in Billerica to ensure that they receive the treatment they need.

Never attempt to detox at home, as you are putting yourself in severe danger, with the risk of developing serious illness, cardiac arrest or even death.

Treatment Centers in Billerica offer medical staff on hand 24/7 to monitor detox patients and ensure they are safe and cared for. There will also be the option of medications to alleviate any ugly symptoms, and the patient will get the feeling of comfort and security in safe surroundings. Aside from that, it is important to have emotional support on your side, when you chose to withdraw. Most detox facilities will have psychological services to complement the physical rehab component. Having this sort of high-level mental health assistance on hand can help and motivate you to continue the detox.

After the drying out stage is complete, the patient will then need to embark on an intensive treatment plan to work on not relapsing back into drinking again proactively. Drying out alone is not enough; examining addiction behaviors, mental and emotional well-being amongst other factors are fundamental in achieving lifelong sobriety. Billerica has a range of complementary detox services available in addition to detox centers.

If you are considering undertaking an alcohol withdrawal in Billerica, please ensure that you liaise with a medical professional. Our staff is very experienced in alcohol withdrawal and can provide you with excellent support today. Above all, make sure that you inform your family about the detox that you are about to undergo. You will need your loved one's support now more than ever. It is not an easy road, but it is worth venturing down it. Call Billerica Drug Rehab Centers now for help (978) 516-2128.

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